SIREN: Social games for conflIct REsolution based on natural iNteraction

I am a co-investigator of the EU FP7-funded project SIREN, which is being undertaken by an interdisciplinary consortium made up of academic partners (the IT University of Copenhagen, the University of Malta, the National Technical University of Athens, INESC-ID, the University of Bath, the University of Birmingham, and UCSC), and Serious Games Interactive, a Danish serious games studio.

Our ongoing goal is to develop a serious game supporting children's learning about conflict resolution, that can be played in the classroom, and that will allow players to explore a variety of conflict handling behaviours. By using design-as-research and reflection-on-action approaches, I am exploring how we can make use of user research, domain knowledge, and technology affordances and constraints to design our serious game, and to contribute to best practice on serious game design. My role in the project is as one of the lead game designers, but I also serve as the liaison point and translator between partners who focus on user research and partners who focus on advanced technologies such as natural interfaces, procedural content generation, intelligent agents, and interactive storytelling. I am also working on how to model culture computationally, in a way that will inform procedural adaptation of game content to individual players' cultural values.

Visit the official SIREN website.